Falling in love with Coffee

Coffee is life ❤

Yes dear, I’m one of those people who will trade their soul for the love of coffee. Probably, most of you will never understand why people like me could not get enough of coffee. Same as how we don’t understand why some people just don’t give a damn about coffee.

Just like plants, coffee is also a friend.

When it all started…

When I was younger, my mom banned me from drinking coffee. She kept on telling me things like it would damage my brain and I wouldn’t be good at school anymore. Well, it actually worked! At least, until I was in High School. Forgive me for being so naive (LOL).

I started drinking coffee in college. At first, I just wanted to get through a long night in order to finish school responsibilities. Then one cup lead to two cups a day and so on it went. Until I realized one day, it doesn’t taste bad after all. It actually taste so good that I fell in love with it. Slowly but surely.

Coffee for me is like a blood to a zombie…

I’m the type of person who will stick to something for a very long time once I’ve decided I like it. And obviously coffee is one of those. At this point, I don’t think I can live normally from day to day without a cup of coffee. We all probably have seen zombies on movies or read them on books right? I wake up each morning looking and feeling like one of them. And I need a cup of coffee to keep me insane. It serves as fuel to my creative ideas and hug when I feel so blue. Just like how it motivated me to finish this blog post.

Staying in love with coffee…

They say falling in love is a chance but staying in love is a choice. I could have actually stopped at some point years ago but I did not want to. Why would I stop myself from getting things that make me happy? Life is too short to live with regrets love, so I’ll continue to drink coffee like it’s gonna be my last cup.

Advance Happy Valentines Day loves! Stay in love with coffee ❤

What’s your coffee story? I’d love to hear them 😀 😀  Drop them on the comment section below 🙂

-Wandering Coffee Chic

Unlimited Cups of Self love

Happy New Year lovies!

2016 was a tough year for most of us. We all had our fair share of success and lessons learned. Well, we all have our own thoughts to share and stories to tell, so here’s mine…

Looking back, last year was filled with adventures: went on several out of town trips, started my blog, met people and celebrated small achievements. All of these, I shared with pretty amazing people (at least, I thought). But like everyone else, I also cried my heart out over failures and over wrong people.

Over the years, I made lots of fun memories with people whom I thought would stick with me until the very end. Reality is, nobody is gonna stay forever (at least, I know). You gotta pour yourself unlimited cups of self love because who else is gonna be there when you cry in the middle of the night? Who’s gonna pick you up when you’re lost and stuck at some point in your life. Some people will come into our life to make us feel extra special and happy, but we should know that our ability to be happy is not controlled by anyone. You are in charge of your life and you are completely capable of being happy on your own.

Go ahead, cry and let it out. But when it’s time to smile again, please don’t let circumstances and people stop you from doing so. People and feelings are temporary. If you are going through something painful today, don’t worry love, it ain’t gonna last forever. So wipe those tears away and wear your invisible crown my queen.

To more adventures, happiness and lessons learned, cheers!

Barbara’s Coffee Shop

This one’s from my not-so-recent trip in Manila.

Alongside with other noticeable historic places, opposite of San Agustin Church you will find Casa Manila in the heart of Intramuros. Casa Manila is known as a Spanish colonial mansion replica of late 19th century.

Casa Manila charms tourists as it vividly brings to life the rich people’s lifestyle during the Spanish Era. Inside this historic building,  you’ll find Barbara’s Coffee Shop alongside its restaurant. Honestly, it wasn’t the food but the ambiance of the place which overwhelmed me. Most tourist enjoy the feeling of going back in time while sipping their coffee from its coffee shop. You can stay there for a while and order  a drink to replenish your soul after getting beat up by the heat while roaming around Intramuros.

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We stayed there for like an hour while sipping our mango shake and iced coffee. Our server was courteous and in general, the service was fast.  Thumbs up for that 😉  The drinks? Nothing extraordinary but well, the price is relatively cheap so there’s nothing to complain about. The place? Oh I loved it! The interior simply recreates the 19th century life of Spanish merchants and Illustrados. Have you ever imagine sipping your coffee while going back in time? that somehow explains part of my experience. It brings you back to the heart of Manila during its earlier era.

What makes this coffee shop stand out among all others nearby isn’t its menu but its location. Situated at the heart of Casa Manila, you’ll fall in love with Barbara’s coffee shop as it feels like drinking your cup of drink amidst high walls, iron grills and refreshing green plants during the 19th century.

So the next time you visit Intramuros or a place nearby, kindly drop by and see it for yourself.

Life is tough so find every single reason to go further, laugh louder, love deeper and drink coffee like its gonna be your last cup.

Chasing Dreams, Defying Odds

What do you do when you’re wide awake at 3 in the morning and you need to wake up by 7 because you have work at 9 AM? Well right now I am writing this but often times, I think about mistakes, dreams and how far I’ve gone through or how far can I still go.

Dreams? Success? Happiness? How well do you play these words now? Does it involve getting the dream job you wanted? For some it could mean getting praised by people around them or better yet, their superior. But how do you define success when you don’t even have any idea of what defines you? It ain’t easy.

When you were younger, the world seemed easier and wonderful. Your life did work smooth as planned. Well most of our plans at least go from working our arse off school to getting a good job and becoming brilliant. But unfortunately, the real world does not work that way.

Back then, being a kid was your ticket in getting a tap on the head and ‘that’s okay’ response from people around you when you make awful choices. But what happens now that you’ve grown up and when the world expects you to be responsible in everything that you do? Sucks right? It totally does but what choice do you have but to live with it? What if you wake up one day realizing that the path you have chosen, no longer makes you happy? No matter how goal-driven and passionate you are today on what you’re doing, stakes are high and it might happen. Scary? Yes baby, I know.

But in every failure, you’ll find yourself standing up and fighting again, and that’s when you’ll know you’re growing up. You might fall hard a number of times but that does not mean you can’t be successful or that you are not brilliant right? There are times you’ll fall really hard and you’ll find it impossible to stand again but later you’ll find yourself bravely helping yourself back into the game again. You might choose the wrong people and take the wrong path today, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change your plans right? It’s never too late. Never give up on your dreams even when everyone else already did.  And baby never turn your back on yourself, even when everyone already did. As long as you do not give up, your dream is alive.

Live your dream every second of your life and choose to be happy. Choose what makes you happy because life is too short to live with pretenses. No regrets, just lessons learned.   🙂  


Hi there! It has been a while since my last Coffee101 post. Work and summer has been keeping me away from keyboard lately.
In this post I’ll be sharing cups of cappuccino thoughts with you guys.

Over the years cappuccino has been known to be one of the best sellers in most coffee shops I know. Well probably because people look for that classic creamy-bitter-sweet taste that this drink has to offer. Served either hot or cold, the drink is basically made of espresso and milk then topped with steamed milk foam. Some coffee chains add chocolate dusting on top. On a personal note, I usually prefer my cappuccino hot maybe because I feel like it tastes better that way. Oh I just can’t help imagining my self sipping my cup of cappuccino on a rainy cold afternoon while reading a Nora Robert book. How delightful would that be? Just perfect. 

The coffee giant Starbucks is famous for their cappuccino. Cappuccino is also what I usually get myself when I need some hot beverage to wake me up.

However, recently cappuccino seems to be facing some sort of identity crisis. The new comer flat white seems to set the new trend. Flat white on the other hand is basically just a variation of espresso which I’m planning to discuss on my next post.

Thank you for reading this very short post. Hopefully I can make longer posts these comming days since summer is almost over. Until then fellas! Keep on drinking and loving coffee! 😍😍😍

Cafe Panay

Kape, tsaa kag iban pa…

Any of my out of town trip will never be complete if a cafe visit is missing on my itinerary. So in this post, I will be sharing thoughts about Cafe Panay from my recent  Iloilo trip. 

Cafe Panay is situated  at the back of the famous Molo Mansion in Molo, Iloilo City.

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CAFE PANAY‘s tagline (kape,tsaa, kag iban pa…) will surely unleash that curious monster inside you. So what does this “iban pa” (and others) include in their menu?

They offer both hot and cold beverages. I decided to order Iced Tablea Tsokolate which is a  cold version of pure native chocolate drink prepared in a traditional way then paired it with their version of empanada. No regrets onmy choice at the end because the chocolate drink was definitely worth it considering that you’ll pay only 148 php for a bottle that is good for 2 people.

Here are a few shots of cafe panay’s interior. Its interior wont give you the fancy feeling others might offer but I assure you that it will make you feel like home. It will definitely bring Iloilo close to your heart. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Life is tough so find every single reason to laugh louder, love deeper, go further and drink coffee like its gonna be your last cup.

Express your thoughts on this post by writing your comments below 🙂 Until my next post friends!

Cafe Blooming Days

Hello there!

So I recently been home *fireworks* for the holyweek and in this post I’m sharing with you one of my favorites in Davao – Cafe Blooming Days.

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My date

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I know this is gonna sound cheesy but I fell in love with the place the moment I entered this cafe. So you might be wondering how I actually found this place. I just saw a photo of a facebook friend taken in this cafe on my newsfeed and being fond of flowers personally, it immediately caught my attention. So I listed it on my bucket list and I’m absolutely glad that I did.

What I actually love about this place aside from the fact that it suited my personal taste so well, is the lighting. I don’t know why but it adds more drama to that fancy and heavenly feeling that the interior of this place portrays. Located at Loyola Street, Obrero, Davao City,  Cafe Blooming Days is just perfect whether you want to study or just chill and read your book while sipping their version of your favorite drink.

I’ve tried their Cookies and Cream frappe and Mango smoothie and believe me, I am not exaggerating when I say the menu alone is more than worth  every single penny you’ve paid for it.

The wall on its 2nd floor is decorated with famous scenes taken from Italy, New York and other places which will surely excite that travel monster inside you.

I’m delighted to share this with you but I’ll be gladder if you come by this place when your in Davao. Till my next post fellas!

Life is tough so find every single reason to go further, laugh louder, love deeper and drink coffee like its gonna be your last cup.